Whether you’re buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, there’s substantial monies on the table. Let Adam Karhu assist you from the onset of your real estate transaction through the closing. Not only is Adam Karhu an experienced real estate transactional lawyer, he’s a strong advocate for his clients and is there to protect their legal rights and represent their best interests.

How Adam Karhu Can Help

As an experienced real estate lawyer, Adam Karhu can help document and review real estate transactions, including leases, inspections, purchases and appraisals. Plus, he can help resolve title insurance and environmental issues. It’s known as due diligence.

Adam Karhu can review, draft, negotiate and revise real estate contracts in addition to preparing deeds for conveyance transactions, financing agreements, purchase contracts, leases and rental agreements. While a real estate agent can help you fill out these types of documents, only a licensed lawyer like Adam Karhu can actually draft and revise the documents.

As a real estate attorney, Adam Karhu has handled many types of real estate transactions. With this experience, he also acts as a negotiator to the terms and conditions of real estate deals. He’s successfully negotiated deals with other attorneys, brokers, investors and developers. Plus, he can act as a negotiator for unpaid prorated expenses due from the seller, such as utilities, condo assessments and property taxes.

On a Mission: Adam Karhu

Adam Karhu is on a mission to ensure that his clients don’t fall into any unseen legal traps. He has the training and knowledge to spot hidden issues and acts as a guardian for his clients. Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s critical to have accurate information on proper permits, easements and encroachments. Adam Karhu reviews all property reports and surveys carefully to alert his clients regarding any existing or potential real estate property issues. He has also handled both simple and complex real estate transactions.

If you’re gearing up to buy new property or to sell your existing one, turn to Adam Karhu for a smooth transaction. He always takes the time to give your real estate transaction the time and professionalism it requires.

Trust him with your investment and let his skills work for you.